Dolphinfish Research Program

December 2017 DRP Newsletter

Dear fellow sportsmen,

The past 16 years have taken me on an amazing adventure into the life history, movements, and migration of the great game fish we know as dolphin, dorado, or llampuga. This journey was possible only because of hundreds of conservation-minded fishermen who were willing to get involved, and to donate their time and their unwanted dolphin to a scientific study. The public involvement brought me in contact with some very remarkable fishermen, who are just as devoted to conserving the dolphinfish stocks as I am. I quickly learned to pay close attention to what these fishermen had to say about dolphinfish, because they could provide insight into the fish’s behavior that would have taken me years to learn on my own. Because of the tremendous outpouring of public support, we have revealed many aspects about dolphin that science had never before considered. The lead article in this issue of the newsletter highlights some of those revelations about dolphinfish.

I am confident that Wess Merten, who will lead the Dolphinfish Research Program beginning on January 1, 2018, will not only expand the public tagging study, but will initiate new studies utilizing the new technologies that are at our fingertips today. I know I am leaving the program in good hands and encourage you to support Wess in every way that you can.

Good fishing,