Congratulations 2020 Top Taggers!


We would like to thank Star Rods, AFTCO, and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation for providing strong incentives for fishermen to tag and release small, healthy, dolphinfish for the Dolphinfish Research Program (DRP) in 2020.  These premier fishing tackle companies and sponsors of the DRP have shown their commitment to the conservation of this important fishery by donating top quality equipment and art for incentive awards to encourage fishermen to assist the DRP.  This year, we are distributing $2,500 worth of gear and art to 15 captains and their crews who collectively tagged and released 960 dolphin!  View the images to the left to see what each top tagger won for their 2020 tagging effort.  A complete list of all 2020 award winners is listed below.  Congratulations to our 2020 top taggers! 

To qualify for the DRP year-end awards, a vessel needs to tag and release and submit at least 20 dolphinfish tag deployment reports to the DRP by 12.31.2021.  This year, we are also offering monthly tagging awards, recapture awards, and free tee shirts for any angler or captain that tags at least 10 dolphin.  We are also continuing our regional MAB tagging awards program.  Tag some dolphin this year to increase data collection on this species and we will reward you for your effort!


  • Top Private Boat Tagging: Don Gates Killin’ Time II  – 367 Tagged
  • 2nd Private Boat Tagging: David Neblett Hit that!  – 37 Tagged
  • Top Charter Boat Tagging: Julien Brossel Madatet – 89 Tagged
  • 2nd Charter Boat Tagging: Jimbo & Rick Thomas Thomas Flyer – 78 Tagged 
  • Top Youth Taggers: Scouts at Florida Sea Base – 72 Tagged
  • 2nd Youth Taggers:  Bo & Thomas Feliniski Latitude Adjustment – 54 Tagged
  • Top Boat Tagging in the SAB: David Wamer WamJam – 84 Tagged
  • 2nd Boat Tagging in the SAB:  Chad Carter Miss Caroline – 20 Tagged
  • Top Boat Tagging in the Tropics: Gary Marshall Wine Down – 50 Tagged
  • 2nd Boat Tagging in the Tropics:  No Qualifier
  • Top Boat Tagging in the MAB: Jeff Jones Kraken – 42 Tagged
  • 2nd Boat Tagging in the MAB:  Chris & David Jobes Pair of Docs – 22 Tagged
  • Top Boat Tagging in the GOM: Bob Feliniski Latitude Adjustment – 54 Tagged
  • 2nd Boat Tagging in the MAB:  No Qualifier
  • Notable Mentions for Tagging More Than 10 Dolphin:
    Frank Betz Leviathan; Tim & Michelle Heiser Irish Wake; Wilmer Sanchez The Big Deal; Phillippe Louchez Sailfish

Tag and Release Awards

Tag Small Dolphin and Win!

If you are interested in participating in the Dolphinfish Research Program and qualify to win tagging awards click here to request a kit.  For more information about how you can qualify for 2021 DRP tag and release awards click the icons below.

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