Fisheries Research Interns

Collin Glaser

Collin Glaser is a senior at Roger Williams University pursuing a double major in Marine Biology and Aquaculture/Aquarium Science. Outside of his studies, Collin is the PR chair for the RWU Fishing Club and works in the wet lab taking care of marine ornamental fish. As a fisheries research intern for the Beyond Our Shores Foundation, Collin is currently working on analyzing data from dolphinfish satellite tags deployed in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean in order to develop a greater understanding of vertical movement trends in that part of the world.  In addition, Collin is expanding that work to analyze satellite tracking data on dolphinfish in the Caribbean Sea.  Collin is also helping to assemble tagging kits so the Beyond Our Shores Foundation can distribute 400 kits in 2021. 

Abby Grove

Abby Grove is majoring in marine biology and plans to add a double major in Aquarium and Aquaculture Sciences at Roger Williams University located in Bristol, Rhode Island. She has been fishing since she was old enough to hold a fishing pole.  Abby’s research with the Beyond Our Shores Foundation seeks to update knowledge on international fisheries for dolphinfish within the Western Central Atlantic Ocean.  In addition, Abby is  helping to create tagging kits so the Beyond Our Shores Foundation can distribute 400 kits in 2021 and increase data collection on dolphinfish as well as promote better angling and conservation practices for the species.

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