2019 BOSF Fisheries Research Interns by Research Program

Jacob Latour

Jennifer Betz

Jacob Latour is a senior at Juniata College currently studying Environmental Science. Jacob joined Beyond Our Shores Foundation in July 2018 as a Fisheries Research Intern tasked with writing a paper on the history of marine fisheries conventional capture-mark-recapture programs. After completing his internship in August, he rejoined BOSF in January to continue his research. Jacob is extremely interested in marine fisheries and plans to continue into graduate school with a focus in marine science or similar field.
My name is Jennifer Betz and I am a junior at Longwood University. I am currently working on a bachelor of science, majoring in Integrated Environmental Science with a minor in biology, geography, and outdoor education. My plan after college is to hopefully tag sharks and map their locations for 2 years then go on to work with shoreline repair and storm water management. Eventually I want to get my phD in environmental engineering.

Emma Metzler

Shivani Manchanda

My name is Emma Metzler and I am a senior finance major at the University of Maryland. Outside of my education in financial analytics, I have previous work experience in sales and human resource management and have an interest in strategic consulting. During my final year at UMD, I have been participating in Dr. Wellman’s Global Consulting Fellows Program where I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative. Hi, my name is Shivani Manchanda and I am a senior finance major at The University of Maryland. I am interested in general business but more specifically strategy and operations consulting. I have work experience with the accounting side of business but am now more interested in the strategy side. I am interested in exploring the ways in which businesses can add value for their shareholders and local communities overall. Having travelled around the world, I hope to get into international business/consulting some day.

Michael Abeshouse

Jack Franz

As a senior finance major in the Smith Business School at the University of Maryland, I would like to learn about all aspects of the world of business. I have gained personal interest in the emerging fintech industry, specifically blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and their applications across business settings from a consulting/strategy perspective. I am diligent, passionate, and creative when it comes to my work. My name is Jack Franz, and I’m a junior finance major. I’m interested in a career in finance, but I’d also like to explore other fields. I’m currently taking classes centered around data analytics and consulting to get a better sense of what I want to do after I graduate. On campus, I’m a part of the Global Consulting Fellows program, and I’m the co-founder and treasurer of the CP Student Investment Group.

Austin Weiss

I am an Accounting and Information Systems double major at the University of Maryland. Beyond my specific major interests I am enticed by numbers and the analytical capabilities behind them. Furthermore, I have taken an interest in consulting due to the problem-solving and strategic-planning nature of differing situations, making each problem unique in its respective space.
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