Fisheries Research Interns

Jack Mendelow

Jack Mendelow is a rising junior at Quince Orchard High School located in in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This is his second year conducting an internship with the Beyond Our Shores Foundation (BOSF).  Jack has an interest in the ocean and marine life and is interested in widening his knowledge on fisheries, marine biology, and oceanography.  Since he started as an intern with BOSF, Jack has assembled 140 tagging kits, conducted research on fish aggregating devices in the Caribbean Sea, and dove into learning the basics of SQL for database management.  Currently, Jack is creating a digital archive of the entire record of 19 years of monthly newsletters published by the Dolphinfish Research Program (DRP). 

Margaret Rodrique

Margaret Rodrique is a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a double major in Marine Biology and Environmental Science and Management.  Margaret’s primary focus is on ecological sciences and has conducted independent research projects on mangrove systems and salt marshes. Margaret is also passionate about both scientific writing as well as communicating science to the public.  As a current fisheries research intern for the Beyond Our Shores Foundation, Margaret is writing a scientific note that couples remote sensing data with field observations from a research expedition conducted in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Caribbean Sea in 2018.  Her research focuses on highlighting an environmental event that triggered an increase in dolphinfish abundance and presence along the north coast of Puerto Rico. 

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