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The Dolphinfish Research Program’s three primary goals were the following:
  • identify migration routes;
  • begin documenting the natural behavior of dolphinfish;
  • and stimulate additional research on the species.
Over the 16 years that the Dolphinfish Research Program operated, all of these goals were met. The Program continually found that once it answered one question, it often led to another question to be answered. There is always more research that is needed.  Because of this, Beyond Our Shores, Inc., was founded to support and expand the Dolphinfish Research Program and research related to dolphinfish, associated species, and economies.  Beyond Our Shores, Inc., broader mission and vision encapsulates this. The principle strategy Beyond Our Shores, Inc., will employ to achieve this broader mission and vision is through linked research programs such as the Dolphinfish Research Program which can engage multiple stakeholders in an effort to collect vital information on ecologically and economically important species such as dolphinfish. Beyond Our Shores, Inc., will not only support and continue the work of the Dolphinfish Research Program, but also advocate for directed research into fish and fishery dynamics relative to fish aggregating devices, structures which are used extensively throughout the tropical seas to aggregate fish.  Dolphinfish is one of the most common species caught at FADs throughout the Caribbean Sea and scientists know very little about how this species responds to the increase in presence of these structures throughout the region and even less about how many are being caught around them. Click here to learn how Beyond Our Shores, Inc., is engaged in Collaborative FAD research. Beyond Our Shores, Inc., also aims to demonstrate the dependence of coastal economies on healthy oceans to sustain jobs and support local social structures. Multiple sectors (e.g., tourism, for-hire charters, commercial fisheries) play critical roles in coastal economies and Beyond Our Shores, Inc., endeavors to support and promote responsible marine stewardship and resource use that is conducted with ocean conservation and sustainability in mind. To achieve this, Beyond Our Shores, Inc., intends to work with locals on local scales to positively influence ocean policy and marine conservation. One such endeavor is a pilot project to highlight in-season, local, and sustainable sources of seafood in Puerto Rico, an island that imports much of the seafood consumed there, yet has offshore resources, such as dolphinfish, that can serve as a key protein source for the millions of island residents. In Puerto Rico, dolphinfish is the highest landed species in terms of weight of any commercial fish harvested, and other seasonal resources such as silk snapper and red hind offer sustainable seasonal choices of seafood yet many of the island’s restaurants do not serve seafood that is in-season. This then puts into question how, when, and by whom was it harvested, or the authenticity of the seafood being served. MenTa Cuisine, a restaurant in the north coast community of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, prides itself on serving seafood that is caught locally, in-season, and sustainably. To demonstrate this and provide information to the public, Beyond Our Shores, Inc., is providing equipment and analytical support to MenTa Cuisine to conducted a seafood traceability pilot project. This project is designed to achieve two goals:
  • Collect valuable fishing catch and effort data from participating commercial fishermen that source seafood to MenTa cuisine to allow scientists and managers to better understand local and regional fisheries
  • Educate the public about in-season, fresh, sustainable, and local seafood options harvested and prepared by locals
To learn more what seafood is in-season in Puerto Rico click here.
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