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Click here to watch a film about the successful implementation of this pilot program in Puerto Rico.

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The SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative is a research program intended to gather seafood supply chain information from small-scale commercial fishermen and privately owned seafood restaurants in Puerto Rico.   The research program is also intended to promote sustainable fishing and seafood consumption practices, local in-season sources of seafood, and inform the public about conservation minded fishermen and restaurants and provide incentives and tools to enhance their businesses to allow them to become the beat of ocean conservation in their communities.

Click here to read more about the program and why your participation in this program is important.  To get involved, follow the simple steps below.

SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative Application Process:

We are interested in partnering with seafood restaurants and small-scale fishermen from around Puerto Rico.  Restaurants and full or part-time commercial fishermen interested in participating in the SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative in Puerto Rico should apply to participate by following the steps below:

Seafood Restaurants:

  1. If you are a restaurant in Puerto Rico that serves seafood and is interested in partnering in the SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative please begin the application process by taking this survey:

Click Here to take the Application Survey

  1. Following the completion of your survey, your responses will be reviewed by our team and a representative of the Beyond Our Shores Foundation will contact you. Due to the amount of inquiries to participate in this initiative the Beyond Our Shores Foundation will do its best to reply in a timely manner.  Selection of 1 or 2 restaurants to participate in this program in 2019 will be made by mid-February 2019.

Small-Scale Commercial Fishermen:

  1.  You must be a full or part-time commercial fishermen registered with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources to participate, and receive potential benefits, from this research program. Click here to acquire the application to be submitted to the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources in Puerto Rico to apply to be a full or part-time commercial fishermen if you are not already.
  2. We encourage small-scale commercial fishermen that wish to participate in this research program to carry onboard a Dolphinfish Research Program tagging kit to be used to tag and release small dolphinfish less than 20” in fork length encountered when fishing. Tagging kits are free and can be requested by clicking this link.
  3. Email us at about your interest in participating.

Sponsor a Restaurant

If you are interested in sponsoring the expansion of this program in Puerto Rico please check out our sponsorship levels and email us at