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The Beyond Our Shores Foundation is a U.S. and Puerto Rico registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of marine fisheries and ocean habitats and the coastal communities they support. The Beyond Our Shores Foundation was founded to integrate the public in scientific research and strives to provide opportunities for the public, particularly fisherman and their families, to actively participate in educational and meaningful marine science experiences and scientific research. The Beyond Our Shores Foundation intends to fulfill its goals by providing support to the Dolphinfish Research Program, Collaborative FAD Research Program, and SeasonalCatch seafood initiative.  Click here to read more about our research programs.

One of the primary programs that the Beyond Our Shores Foundation supports in the Dolphinfish Research Program.  The Dolphinfish Research Program began in 2002 from a state and federally funded effort through the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR).  When state and federal funding ended for the program in 2006,  Don Hammond, lead on the SCDNR project, formed the Cooperative Science Services, LLC, when recreational anglers expressed interest to keep the program running. From that moment forward, Don dedicated his professional career to integrating the public into the Dolphinfish Research Program, an effort which engaged more than 1,591 privately owned vessels and 3,080 fishermen in dolphinfish research. Their collective efforts resulted in more than 21,458 dolphinfish tagged and 551 tagged dolphinfish reported recovered (as of 12.31.2016).  Don’s vision and committed efforts to engage the public in fisheries research garnered the support of several hundred fishermen, clubs, foundations, organizations, and businesses which provided the funding to allow the program to operate and flourish. In December of 2017, Don retired as Director of the Dolphinfish Research Program.  With Don retired, The Beyond Our Shores Foundation now serves as the primary vehicle to support the Dolphinfish Research Program and continues to engage the public in other fisheries and marine science research. Through hard work and dedication, the Beyond Our Shores Foundation aspires to create a dedicated network of fishermen united by one species, the dolphinfish, to ultimately pursue its broader goal of sustainable fisheries, healthier oceans, and more prosperous coastal economies.

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