Seafood restaurants and commercial fishermen in Puerto Rico interested in partnering in the SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative should apply to participate by visiting this page (click here). 

MenTa Cuisine

MenTa Cuisine, a French-Caribbean infused restaurant located at
Av. José Cedeño, Arecibo, 00614, Puerto Rico, was the first seafood restaurant to participate in the SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative.  Since they began participating they have received an industrial strength generator with transfer switch, industrial strength air conditioner, 18″ wall mounted tablet for data display and other supplies
and incentives to help their business.  In exchange, the Beyond Our Shores Foundation has collected daily catch and effort and seafood inventory data since January 2017, data that is unique to the island and can help advance ocean conservation, improve fisheries management, and our understanding of seafood dynamics in Puerto Rico.  The goals of the pilot program with MenTa were simple: provide MenTa Cuisine an educational platform to verify the authenticity of their in-season, local, and sustainable sources of seafood and collect invaluable catch and effort data that can be used to further inform our understanding of fisheries in the region.  We are happy to report that we have successfully implemented the pilot program and data collection continues with MenTa Cuisine on a daily basis.  Click here to see MenTa Cuisine’s SeasonalCatch Seafood Initiative report.