Puerto Rico Commercial Fishing Vessel License

Anyone who harvests and sells any marine species in Puerto Rico needs to be licensed:

Click here to download the Puerto Rico Commercial Fishing Vessel license application.

Mail the required documents (2-2×2 passport pics, water/electric bill, $10 money order made out to “Secretaria de Hacienda”), payment, and application to:

Gobierno De Puerto Rico
Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales
Apartado 366147
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Or, visit:

DRNA Carretera 8838, km. 6.3, Sector El Cinco, Río Piedras, PR, 787-999-2200

If you need directions or a map contact wess@beyondourshores.org

NOTE:  Once you become a licensed commercial fishermen you need to report monthly statistics to the Fishery Research Laboratory in Joyuda.  You will be given instructions when your application is approved.

Puerto Rico Fishing Vessel Registration

Anyone who operates a marine vessel in Puerto Rico needs to be registered.

Click here  to download the application to register your recreational, commercial or for-hire vessel.

NOTE:  To register as a commercial vessel you need to first complete your commercial fishing license application and have your license number.  See above.

NOTE:  To register as a for-hire tourism vessel you first need the approved permit form from the Tourism Company.  This means that you have to submit your application to the Tourism Planning Board (Division de Planificaion de La Compania).  This is for any marine tourism operator and it costs $300 and is good for 5 years.  We will post the application here shortly.

U.S. Caribbean Federal Waters (out 200 Nautical Miles)

Any fishing vessel in the Caribbean Sea needs to carry a federal permit, too .  Read below to see what is applicable to you.

Click here to apply based on whether you are a recreational, commercial or for-hire vessel.

Commercial Fishing Vessels:

Will you catch tuna, dolphin, or wahoo that you want to sell as a commercial fishing vessel? 

Is your vessel less than 45′ and you want to catch and sells BAYS (bigeye, albacore, yellowfin, skipjack or swordfish) species?  Then, you need the Caribbean Small Boat Permit  (CCSB) permit.  Click here  to access the application to apply for this permit.  See pages 7-17 to fill in your vessel details.  Or, apply online. Click hereNote: Only VALID U.S.C.G. Vessel Documentation numbers or State Registration numbers are acceptable.

If you vessel is larger than 45′ and you are not a for-hire vessel then you will need to apply for a limited access permit.

For-Hire Fishing Vessel:

Are you a For-Hire charter vessel and would like to possess HMS species, and dolphin/wahoo?

Then, you will need apply for the ATLANTIC DOLPHIN-WAHOO CHARTER/HEADBOAT (CDW) and if you want to sell it than you will need the ATLANTIC DOLPHIN-WAHOO COMMERCIAL (ADW).

Mail the required documents, payment, and application to:

National Marine Fisheries Service (F/SER14)

263 13th Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL, 33701

Or, apply online.  Click here.

NOTE:  The application requires your state registration number.  So, get this first before you apply for the federal CCSB permit or Open Access permit.

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