Don Hammond Receives Award

Don Hammond with an XTAG off Puerto Rico in 2011

Don Hammond has had a remarkable career in fisheries and we are honored to present to him the Recognition of Distinguished Leadership award for founding the Dolphinfish Research Program and advancing its work.  In an ongoing review of the DRP, we calculate that he was responsible for the distribution of at least 37,211 tags to 1,300 anglers around the world. Among the tags distributed, 23,176 fish were tagged and 582 were recaptured.  He also worked with multiple fishing teams to deploy the first satellite transmitters on dolphinfish off Florida, South Carolina, tropical Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  He also pioneered a new tagging technique to increase satellite tag retention, which resulted in the longest geolocation track on a bull dolphin known to science.  Even when he retired, he still found time to help form the Beyond Our Shores Foundation to support and expand the Dolphinfish Research Program on into the future.  Don continues to help the program advance our knowledge of the life history and movements of this amazing species.  Congratulations, Don, and thank you for your leadership!  Additionally, we would like to thank Maru Panameno of Marine Trophies by Torogoz for designing the fish and to David Carrington of Digital Fabrication Consultants for designing and creating the wall mount as well as anchoring the fish and the tag.  

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