2022 – DRP International Tag and Release
Award Winners 

We would like to thank Star RodsCosta Del MarAFTCO, and the Guy Harvey Foundation for providing strong incentives for fishermen to tag and release small, healthy dolphinfish for the Dolphinfish Research Program (DRP) in 2022.  These premier fishing tackle companies and sponsors of the DRP have shown their commitment to the conservation of this important fishery by donating top-quality equipment and art for incentive awards to encourage fishermen to assist the DRP.  This year, we are distributing $5,315 worth of gear and art to 68 captains and their crews who collectively tagged and released 1,741 dolphin in 2022!  When the value of our year-end awards is combined with additional tagging and recapture awards distributed in 2022, our program, through the support of our sponsors, distributed $9,465 worth of fishing gear and products to fishermen around the world as well as cash awards to international recapture reporters!  A complete list of all 2022 award winners is below.  Congratulations to our award winners! 

Top Private Boat: Don Gates Killin’ Time II  – 323 Tagged 

2nd Private Boat: Dane Dellenbach Knot Workin’– 52 Tagged

Top Charter Boat: Jimbo & Rick Thomas Thomas Flyer – 48 Tagged

2nd Charter Boat:  Willie Howard Captain Willie’s Charters – 32 Tagged 

Top Boat in the SAB: Ed Kattel Cool Cat – 90 Tagged
2nd Boat in the SAB:  Tim Heiser Irish Wake  – 26 Tagged
Top Boat in the Tropics: Jeffrey Liederman Sandman – 71 Tagged
2nd Boat in the Tropics:  Gary Marshall Wine Down – 50 Tagged

Top Boat in the GOM: Robert, Bo, and Thomas Feliniski Latitude Adjustment – 99 Tagged
2nd Boat in the GOM:  No Qualifier – Needed 20 tagged and released to qualify 

Top Captain with the Scouts – Matt Joyce – 30 Tagged

2nd Top Captain with the Scouts – Jared Schild – 20 Tagged

Notable Mentions for Tagging >=10 Dolphin (received shirts, hats, tags, and art):

Julien Brossel Madatet (29); Richard Maylon Grand Slam (25); Juandre Geldenhuys Yellowfin (25); Gary York Mag E III (23); Dwayne Sapp Busy Fishing (23); Colt Cook Hook N Cook (20); Chris Frost Lightning Strike (19); David Neblett Hit That and T2 (18); Charles Brooks Perfect Circle (17); Captain Sammy CVL Release (17); Luis Burgos CFA (15); Frank Betz Leviathan (14); Todd Floyd Nemenchas (12); Wilmer Sanchez The Big Deal (11); Daniel Kubiak Southern Run (11); Nelson De La Torre Billin’ Office (10); Venture Scout (10)

In an effort to increase data collection on dolphinfish in 2023, we are excited to announce that each month this year we will be offering a monthly tagging award to the top tagging vessel that tags and releases the most amount of dolphin in that particular calendar month.  In addition, our regional Mid-Atlantic Bight (MAB) awards program, which we started in 2020 to increase data collection in the MAB, will continue in 2023 thanks to support from AFTCO.  For more details about our awards program click here.  

Winner Announced in Year-End Raffle

Congratulations to Louis Lassetter of Nevada for winning our year-end raffle of “Mahi Blue”, a signed printed by Dr. Guy Harvey.  Every person that donated or purchased program products during our year-end fundraising campaign from October 31, 2022, until December 31, 2022, was automatically entered into the raffle and Mr. Lassetter’s name was randomly selected as the winner.  Congrats Louie! You are going to love your new piece of artwork.  A special thanks go out to the 56 individuals who donated to our year-end fundraising campaign as well as the Guy Harvey Foundation for providing us with this print to raffle. 

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