The Beyond Our Shores Foundation (BOSF), a 501(c)(3), was founded to support the Dolphinfish Research Program.  BOSF was formed last July ahead of Don Hammond’s retirement in January 2017.  Since then, BOSF has been meeting with officials from all of the program’s past corporate sponsors and we are pleased to announce that each one has stepped up their support in 2018.  The support of our corporate sponsors will allow the DRP to continue to operate to provide the public with an opportunity to engage in an international capture-mark-recapture program that has resulted in the release of over 23,420 dolphinfish, of which over 580 have been recaptured, since 2002.  These data have led to the publication of 6 scientific papers, numerous conference papers, films, websites, and more.  The program communicates primarily through a monthly newsletter (click here to sign up) and a few times a week via most social media outlets.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources initiated the DRP, then called the Dolphin Tagging Study, in 2002.  Ever since, corporate leaders in the fishing industry have been stepping up to support the program because they recognize the importance of dolphinfish conservation.  This species is indeed the ultimate game fish.  It can grow to over 80 pounds, occurs in large schools, is brightly colored, readily strikes presented baits, puts on aerial acrobatics in its fight and is one of the finest seafoods available.  The combination of these traits make it one of the world’s most highly esteemed game and food fish.  Corporate sponsors know this and their support enhances the program’s ability to provide vital data dolphinfishcollection on the distribution, life history, movements and occurrence of dolphinfish.  Virtually every aspect of data collection involves the public which brings increased transparency, improved scientific credibility, and fishermen buy-in to fisheries conservation and management measures that our research advances.  This is likely another reason why aside from gathering corporate sponsors, hundreds of private citizens have contributed financially to the program.  It is true, indeed, that any donation no matter how small helps BOSF continue to expand the DRP to provide the public with the opportunity to help gather needed scientific information on dolphinfish.  To donate to the DRP click here.  To buy a program T-shirt click here.  To learn about the program’s corporate sponsorship levels email Wess at

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