2020 Year In Review Click Here to Read More Tagging Dolphin During
a Global Pandemic
Dolphin Landings in the
Western Central Atlantic Ocean
Click Here to Learn More Ongoing work to update research
conducted in the early 90s
New Recoveries in the
MAB and Caribbean Sea
Late Summer Movements Reported Click Here to Learn More
New U.S. Atlantic Dolphin
Supply Route Observed
Dr. Guy Harvey's dolphin recovered
off Key Largo
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Dolphinfish Research Program
Expands to Tropic Star Lodge
Research effort funded by the Guy Harvey
Ocean Foundation commenced in 2018.
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How to Tag Dolphinfish The value, integrity, and credibility of the Dolphinfish
Research Program (DRP) depend on the proper tag
and release of dolphinfish as well as the quality of field
data recorded.
Click Here to Learn How to Tag
Satellite Tags Deployed
The Dolphinfish Research Program's
satellite transmitter program began in 2005.
Multiple deployments occur annually.
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Research at FADs in the
U.S. Caribbean Sea Continues.
Fish and Fisheries at
Fish Aggregating Devices
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Field work, education, and data science
to advance dolphin tagging with the scouts
at Florida Sea Base.
Engaging the Scouts
at Florida Sea Base
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