Richard Appeldoorn

If we could set aside any consideration of fishing, eating and economics relative to dolphinfish, as difficult and unpleasant as that might seem, we are still left with a fish whose biology and movements are intriguing and enigmatic. For a biologist, determining how this species makes its living in an ecological and evolutionary context unlocks… Read More

Don Hammond

I am excited to see the Dolphinfish Research Program evolve to be supported by its own non-profit organization. This is important because it allows private citizens and foundations to make tax-deductible donations to a program that is dedicated to collecting scientific information on dolphinfish. A fish that is the number one harvested fish in blue… Read More

Don Gates

My team and I are involved in tagging dolphin because it is one of the top targeted recreational fish in our region and the more we know about their growth, travel, and schooling behaviors, the better off we are. By tagging 2600 fish for science, our team on Killin’ Time II has shown that the… Read More

Manuel Botello

Participó en el DRP para contribuir con las científicos y conservar mi pez favorito, el dorado.  Así aseguramos la perpetuidad de la especie para el disfrute de futuras generaciones de amantes de la pesca deportivo.