April 1st to April 15th, 2018

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FL3 Tagging Zone – Boynton to Jupiter

FL2 Tagging Zone – Key Largo to Boynton Beach Miami

FL1 Tagging Zone – Key Largo to Key West

Report by W.Merten –  We had fish tagged and released in all three Florida zones during the past two weeks indicating that fish are starting to arrive and/or fishermen are starting to get offshore to find them.  Some fishermen are still not targeting them which could also affect our ability to accurately time the arrival of larger schools.  But, we did have multiple charters state that they found their fish mahi of the season and they have been looking over the past few weeks.   


Capt Bob Frevert – We took our annual trip to Walker’s Cay in northern Abaco, departing 3/24 and returning 4/1. We never targeted dolphin specifically, but the first day we found a large school and caught 9 in the 10-15# range. The next day we got 4 around 15#, and 6th day we got 5 around 20#. Day 7 we got 1 10# fish. On the way home we stopped at West End for fuel, and trolled to the EEZ. 2/3 of the way to the EEZ, we caught a 41# bull and a 15# cow.  So every day that we went trolling, we caught dolphin, and they were bigger than we typically encounter. Unfortunately, due to their size, we did not tag any.

Greater Antilles

Puerto Rico North off AreciboCaptain Robin Birriel – Report by W.Merten – During the early part of April Captain Birriel caught some large fish on each outing he embarked upon.  Towards the middle of the month the weather picked up limiting his outings.  It is likely big fish are still around but its a matter of getting offshore to get them.

Puerto Rico South off PargueraReport by W. Merten –  CNB and CDO’s tournaments showed that large fish are still teeming off of La Parguera but the end of the season is approaching.


Special thanks to all of the Captains that communicated with us during this report cycle.  If you are interested in submitting a report please email Wess Merten at wess@beyondourshores.org