February 1st, 2018, to February 14th, 2018

Facebook highlights 2.1.2018-2.14.2018

1.16.2018-2.1.2018 report and Facebook highlights 1.16.2018-2.1.2018.
12.25.2018-1.15.2018 report.

Lesser Antilles

Guadeloupe – Captain Julien Brossel – Madatet Fishing Charters Account by W. Merten: For a couple of days in early February, Julien and his fellow fishermen got some nice sized fish but then the weather set in. Big winds have not allowed many to get out.

Greater Antilles

USVIs Captain Adam Majchrzak – Our tourism economy has been struggling since hurricanes Irma and Maria so we haven’t been getting very many charters so we haven’t fished much. I did get out on friends private boat last week and we caught 18 decent sized mahi all between 9-15lbs which we kept for food. We also found a big school of peanuts.

Puerto Rico North off San JuanCaptain Humberto PeralesDouble Hook Fishing Charters – Account by W.Merten: We have documented a few of Double Hook’s outings and he had one really stellar day where they caught 17 fish near FAD B off Cangrejos.

Puerto Rico North off AreciboCaptain Robin Birriel – – Account by W.Merten – We have documented a few of Nuri’s outings and his catch success was not nearly as high this report cycle as the last.

Puerto Rico South off PargueraCaptain Jesus Duran – On various outings, we have left out of Playa Santa and saw schools between 8-15 miles from shore but its hard to get the school to eat. But, we have managed to get a few bulls that weighed in at 50 and 54 pounds.

Puerto Rico South off PargueraCaptain Jose Miguel Rivera – We fished one day south of the lighthouse (Cabo Rojo) and saw 5 schools between 10-15 miles from shore.

Special thanks to all of the Captains that communicated with us during this report cycle.  If you are interested in submitting a report please email Wess Merten at wess@beyondourshores.org