The Beyond Our Shores Foundation strives to investigate trophic level interactions between dolphinfish and marine predators and megafauna. Below is an article published in the Caribbean Journal of Science, the first in water account of a dolphinfish being attacked by false killer whales (see page 3 of the embedded pdf). Below this article is an image of an Oceanic Whitetip shark documented co-occurring with a large school of dolphinfish 28 miles north of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


The Oceanic Whitetip shark is critically endangered in the western central Atlantic. Recently, the Beyond Our Shores Foundation documented the occurrence of a 4.5 foot individual in a large school of dolphinfish, rainbow runners, wahoo, and barracuda 28 miles north of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Some of the dolphinfish, such as the bull and a few large cows, were larger, and more aggressive in the water than the shark, which opens up a world of questions regarding the habits these sharks and dolphin share as they move throughout the world’s oceans.



Pseudorca crassidens predating on a dolphinfish (Photo: Wess Merten)
Oceanic whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus) shark co-occurring with a school of dolphinfish 30 miles north of San Juan, Puerto Rico (Photo: Wess Merten)
Pygmy devil ray (Mobula munkiana) found co-occurring with a school of dolphinfish 14 miles off the southwest coast of Panama (Photo: Wess Merten).
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